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〇SAT 13 APRIL 2019

 Open : 10 am   Start : 1 pm

National Important Cultural Property : KASUGA SHRINE NOH STAGE

 (Add : 75 Kurooka Sasayama - city,Hyogo)

 In case of rain , it will be held at the Tamba Denen Kokyo Hall

 (Add : 41 Kitashinmachi Sasayama - city , Hyogo)


 Noh        「Shunkan」     (Played by Bunzo Ohtsuki)

 Kyogen 「Nikujuhachi」 (Played by Senzaburo Shigeyama)

 Noh        「Ama」      (Played by Tetsunojo Kanze)


    Advanced ticket  :  Adult  ¥5,000    Student  ¥2,000

    At the gate            :  Adult  ¥5,500    Student  ¥2,000


  From 「JR Sasayamaguchi Station」

  By taxi : 13 min by taxi to 「Kurooka Kasuga Jinja」

  By bus : 18 min by Shinki Green Bus , get off at 「Kasuga Jinja Mae」 

 Click Here For More Info! SASAYAMA KASUGA NOH FLIER.pdf(PDF:11.1MB)



Noh 【Shunkan】

 During the 12th century, in the late Heian Period when Heike Samurai rose up with tremendous power, Shunkan, a high-rank monk was charged of conspiring against overthrowing Heike and was sentenced to be exiled to Kikaigashima Island on the offshore of Satsuma Province (Southern ocean off present-day Kagoshima Province) along with his comrade Fujiwara no Naritsume and Taira no Yasuyori.

 After a while, in the capital, in order to pray for Chugu Tokuko, the empress to the emperor, and the daughter of the minister--- Taira no Kiyomori, a temporary general amnesty was declared. Due to the amnesty, one part of the exiles was forgiven, and a messenger was sent to Kikaigashima Island.

 Fujiwara no Naritsune and Taira no Yasuyori have been faithful and always praying to Buddhist God regularly as they visit the island. One day, Shunkan welcomed the two coming back from their visiting with water pretending it as sake, and had a joyful party recalling the capital. Then, the messenger of Tiara no Kiyomori came and told them about the good news of the great pardon.

 However, on the pardon list, Shunkan’s name was not found. He then fell into the depth of surprise and despair. Shunkan was in deep sorrow,  but nobody around him had no word to comfort him.

 Later on, the two being released under the pardon took the boat and left the island. Shunkan was clinging to the hope to let him on board, he was abandoned mercilessly. When he was crying and bawling as he didn’t care about anyone, his comrades told him to stay strong and that he would definitely return to the capital one day. Shortly after that, the voices just disappeared gradually along with the boat and the people.

Kyougen 【Nikujuhachi】

 There was one single man. He thought that he too wanted to find a wife. So, he went to pray at the image of the Kannon (Avalokitesvara) Bodhisattva enshrined in the Kiyomizu-dera Temple(which is known for being efficacious in one a good match. After his prayer, he was told in his dream that he should go and wait at the stairs of the west gate of Kiyomizu-dera Temple.

 When he went to the place, there really was a woman standing over there. He started to talk to her shyly and asked her if she wants to be his wife. And then she replied him in tanka poetry, saying I am one woman without a husband, and I made my bed with one of the sleeves of my clothes to sleep.
 The man was very certain that this woman was the one that he was told to be his wife in the dream and asked where the house that he should be going to pick her up is. She answered in a tanka poetry quiz saying my house is in the town of Kasuga-Nara and seek for a village that the wind doesn’t blow.
 Kasuga-Nara no machi means Kasuga town, Nara, a place where the wind doesn’t blow is a Muro (a room), so the man reasoned that she lives in Muromachi village of Kasuga town. However, he still didn’t know which house away from the corner was her house, so he asked. She then left a word of ‘‘Niku (2,9)’’ and disappeared.

 The man reasoned it out that ‘‘Niku (2,9)’’ is two times nine equals to eighteen, which means that her house was the 18th house away from the corner. He then headed to that house. When he arrived at the house he reasoned, he found the woman that he just met, and they had their wedding happily.
‘‘She could say tanka poetry, and was good at math, she definitely is a beautiful woman under her clothes’’, his heart was filled with happy expectation and  about to really meet the woman….

Noh 【Ama】 (The Woman Diver)

 Fusazaki no Otodo, one of the sons of Fujiwara no Fuhito (Lord Tankai) visited Shido-no-ura Bay of Sanuki Province (present Kagawa Province) to hold a memorial service for her deceased mother.
 Fusazaki’s retinue met a woman diver at Shido-no-ura Bay, and after conversing for a while, she started to tell them an event happened in the bay as she recalled something.
 When the sister of Lord Tankai became the empress of Tang Dynasty, the menko-fuhai-no-tama jewel (A carved jewel that from all directions shows the fore of the Shakyanmuni buddha.) was offered, then stolen by Ryu-gu (The Dragon Palace). In order to get it back, Lord Tankai traveled incognito and lived in the bay. One woman diver had a baby with the Lord, and to make the baby the successor to Lord Tankai, she sacrificed her life and dived into the water to bring menko-fuhai-no-tama jewelry back.
 She even imitated the scene of the diver bringing back the jewelry. Finally, she revealed that she was the mother of Fusaki no Otodo; she then passed him a letter with tears and disappeared in the ocean.
 Fusazaki no Otodo read the letter and figured out that his mother was hoping for salvation in the world after death. He performed her thirteen-year memorial services in Shido-ji Temple. When he was reciting Sutras, his mother appeared as a Dragon Lady, dancing cheerfully to express her joy of attaining Buddhahood and gradually disappeared.





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